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Erin’s Blog: December 2017 – Christmas Whirlwind

This month went by in a whirlwind, this was the month of Christmas, hampers, the open evening and lots of snow. The first two weeks of September consisted of mainly preparation for the week leading up to Christmas, which was expected to be the busiest week of the whole year (which it was indeed). In those two weeks I attended a few Christmas shows and tastings, including the Apley Farmshop Christmas Fair, Weston Park’s Christmas event and the Shrewsbury Winter Fest. This turned out to be where a lot of customers were getting stocked up on our cheeses for their Christmas parties and Christmas presents, including our hampers.
However, the weather decided that the busiest time of the year was the best time to bring heavy snowfall, but thankfully we didn’t let this get in our way. Who wouldn’t want to eat a cheeseboard by the fire on a snowy day after all?

After these weeks past, it was time for the open evening event which turned out to be a huge success. We met lots of customers from all around Shropshire and further afield who were very interested in looking around the facilities which make their favourite cheeses. They also came prepared to buy lots of hampers for their families and friends, as well as trying all of the local produce that was in the hampers.
Overall, the night was a huge success and we even had customers asking when the next one would be as they would bring their friends! This was the best way to end the year and end the busy festive period. After the busiest three weeks, we could enjoy the festive period content that our cheese was featured on many Christmas cheese boards.


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