For The Love of Cheese!

It all started back in 2005 when Martin Moyden set out on a mission to make delicious artisan, handmade cheese. which would be created from a passion for quality and attention to detail. Inspired by his grandmother and her many tales of farming and traditional food production, Martin set out to on his adventure to create Moydens’ Cheese.

Now joined by his wife Beth, they have over 7 different cheeses on offer… with the selection growing rapidly!

What is just so fascinating is that a traditional method which can be traced back 9000 years can still be used today to create and develop these fantastic cheese recipes. Using local Shropshire milk, Martin, Beth and their small team ensure that each wheel of cheese is lovingly handmade and matured to ensure the very best quality every time.

Being in the heart of Shropshire is key to the ethos and message of Moydens’ Cheese. Martin and Beth are extremely passionate about food provenance and each of their cheeses are named to reflect their local provenance! They have recently collaborated with Bennett and Dunn Oils and their Christmas selection packs have seen them team up with two other local producers, What a Pickle and Peters Yard.

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