Erin’s Blog – October 2017 – Seeing Double

When you’re not working in the food industry October is one of those months that feels like an empty month leading up to Christmas. However, this year I’ve learnt that in the food industry these are some of the most important months, as you have to get prepared for the madness that is the Christmas period. So this month has been the month of double making weeks, which means we have done two cheese makes a week as apposed to our usual once a week routine. We now make cheese on both a Monday and a Wednesday and are bulking up our stock so were ready for the Christmas orders, as it’s a commonly known fact that everyone needs cheese at Christmas.

So far this month we have focused on blue cheeses on the Monday and harder cheeses on the Wednesday. This means we can focus on each variety and bulk up all of our stock evenly. For the past few months we have been more focused on the harder cheeses also as they require longer maturing times and they should be ready for the Christmas cheeseboards.
I’ve found it very rewarding being able to watch some of the cheeses I’ve help make mature and be ready to go out, which has only just started with the hard cheeses, as they took longer to mature. Its fulfilling to know some of the work you put into that cheese is now being enjoyed and appreciated by someone else.

With double makes being the first sign of Christmas, I’m looking forward to what is coming ahead.


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