We have seven unique cheeses in the Moyden’s collection. Read on to find out more about what makes each one special…


Matured for 3-4 months, the Newport cheese has a unique flavour. It has a mellow buttery taste and flakey texture with a subtle aromatic sweetness. The cheese is a pale tangerine colour – but don’t worry, it bares no resemblance to the taste of tangerines! Phew!


This cheese is smooth and buttery but tastes light, mellow and sweet. What makes this cheese just so special is that the whole wheel is cold smoked over oak chips at Morgan’s Country Butchers and Smokey. The result is a cheese with a lightly oak smoked flavour that lifts it.


Our oldest and dearest, the Wrekin White. Matured for a minimum of 3 months, usually longer to ensure its taste develops with age. This cheese is smooth and creamy and dotted with eyelets. It has a nutty flavour yet fruity aroma – a must for the cheese board if you want to impress your friends.



The Funky One – The rustic natural rind encompasses the unctuous cheese inside. Mottled with blue streaks and pockets, the smoky blue piquancy has a mineral like full flavour.



The Heritage One – This individual cheese truckle weighs around 200 grams! It has a natural rind and ripens to a soft oozing interior with a mild blue flavour between 5 – 8 weeks. But its worth the wait – trust us!



The Caer Caradoc cheese is based on a Caerphilly style of cheese which is matured for two to three months! This creates a light and crumbly cheese which has a distinct fresh citrus taste.



The Newbie – Do you like it naked? This one is our latest cheese to add to the collection. Made with raw cows milk and lightly salted, it has a creamy, crumbly fresh taste and is great crumbled into salads, savoury tarts and even a stuffed lambs loin!


Cheese cakes are becoming very popular, used as a centrepiece to wow your guests, we can offer a bespoke cheese cake for your party using the cheeses we produce to make a tiered effect. The perfect selection for your Wedding buffet.



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