Erin’s Blog: September 2017 – Ludlow Food Festival

The start of September brought Ludlow Food Festival, which if you know food festivals you know it’s big. A three-day event celebrating good food, where you can try new foods and indulge in your favourite foods.
Being able to work behind the stall with Moyden’s at this years event allowed me to see the festival from another angle. Where before I would be in my own bubble walking around a food festival, this time I was able to talk to other food lovers through the stall. With this it was encouraging to be able to talk to customers who were enthusiastic about good food and good cheese. Having quality conversations with costumers about our products and products they love to eat with our cheese was very rewarding.
This festival in comparison with the other festivals was constant hustle and bustle, there was a constant queue and stream of people entering the festival which made the atmosphere exciting and energetic.
This show offered also what many of the other shows did, a conversation between the customer and us, talking to customers who love the cheese and want to know more about it is one of the best aspects of selling direct to customers.

I hope to be able to work in more of these types of shows where I can witness the behind the scenes of these very successful food festivals which gather many food lovers together.


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