Erin’s Blog – Show Time – August 2017

Its food festival and show season, which means this month has consisted of plenty of show days!

After learning the ropes in the production element of the business, it was now time to experience a different element, including the presentation of the product, customer service and selling of the product. With a month’s worth of cheese making under my belt it was rewarding to be able to tell customers what goes into making their favourite cheese in the range, and explaining what science goes on in the background to develop their unique flavour.

I’ve been to a lot of festivals this month, including the Burwarton Show, Cosford Food Festival, Telford and the Newport Show. As well as this, I’ve carried out some tasting sessions at local farm shops where customers can try the cheeses and ask as much as they like about the background of the company and the cheese itself.

Each show offered something different, in turn affecting the customers who were present. For example, as the Newport and Burwarton Show’s were agricultural shows many customers wanted to know about the sourcing of the milk, the breed of the cows, why we choose to use raw milk etc. Where as, the food festivals brought customers who wanted to know about the flavour profiles of the cheeses, the processes and what to pair with each cheese. The range of customers I met along the way, the variety of questions asked and the pure interest in the artisan food market made me enjoy this show season greatly. As well as the customers, I met many different exhibitors and food producers who were full of stories about the industry and where their product has taken them and the love behind their business. I am glad to have met some new inspiring people along the way.

Before my placement began here, I saw food festivals and shows in a completely different light as I was seeing it through the consumer eye. However, I can now fully appreciate the hard work and passion behind each of the exhibitor’s products and companies at each of the festivals. Never again shall I hold back on asking the exhibitor about their product as I understand it brings great fulfilment to them to be able to talk about their range with pride.


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